Data Reboot Advantages and Disadvantages

A data backup specialist can frequently recover lost data from most any hard drive, and almost always without entering the system. But with some advanced technical knowledge, you can recover your entire computer from a factory data reboot too. This process was once only available to IT professionals, but now anyone can do it too. It’s a terrific way to avoid losing your entire data set if a hard drive fails.

In a factory data reboot, the boot device is written to an incorrect location. Because of this, the boot partition on the hard drive is written over. To fix this, you must reinstall the operating system. The bad part is that you have to start all over again in order to complete this task. It also means that you cannot use the PC’s manufacturer default settings for your system. This means everything must be customized to what is needed.

You may ask how this data recovery process can be done when you’re not going to use the manufacturer’s default settings. You have two choices here: either reformat your PC and then install the new OS, or you can use a specialized data recovery tool. With these data recovery programs, you can run a number of processes in a certain sequence in order to get your system back up and running. These programs are extremely useful for performing a complete data recovery from a factory data reboot or from reinstalling an operating system.

To perform a factory data recovery from this process, you will need to download a special board software package. When downloading this software, you will be given several options. The first option is the regular one where you choose the operating system you want and other basic options. The second option is the specialized one where you specify the parameters for the special board software. The special board software will then generate a bootable USB flash drive containing a special copy of Windows, allowing you to continue with the data recovery.

This process is much more effective than the manual method of rebooting your PC, which is what most people do. In the manual method, after your PC reboots, you still have to get into the BIOS to make the necessary changes to get it to run correctly. If you had a factory data recovery, you would simply format the hard drive and then take the DVD drive out, putting the bootable USB drive in. You would then follow the special instructions for formatting and installing Windows again.

The special board software allows you to select a different operating system, boot from this instead of Windows, and then reformat your PC. It also has an anti-virus application, a calculator, a language translator, and a photo organizer. Using all these tools together, you can now format your computer, create a bootable USB flash drive, install Windows, and then use the factory data recovery software to recover all the lost data.

There are other advantages as well, such as being able to use the same data recovery software on many computers. You can, for example, format one and copy it to another PC. Or you can copy all your important data to an external flash drive. With this method, you are sure that the data will not be lost.

Of course, with all these advantages, comes a disadvantage – the cost. Unless you have lots of money to spare, you may not want to buy a bootable USB flash drive to use on your data recovery mission. If you do, however, you should try it out because it’s cheaper than buying a new hard drive.